2021 Saskatchewanderer

Congratulations to Felipe Gomez, Saskatchewan-based musician, educator, and content creator, who has been announced the 2021 Saskatchewanderer. “Even during a challenging time, it’s a dream come true to be the 2021 Saskatchewanderer. My engine is primed and once it’s safe to do so again, I will be pumped to explore every corner of Saskatchewan, experiencing all this province has to offer,” Felipe Gomez, 2021 Saskatchewanderer said. “Through the tapestry of digital storytelling, I can't wait to showcase the diversity of Saskatchewan's fascinating and innovative people and places that made me fall in love with this beautiful province I am so proud to call my home!”

Since the program started 11 years ago, CAA Saskatchewan has been there every kilometre of the way by providing the Wanderer with a vehicle, a CAA Saskatchewan membership, and gas vouchers.

“As official vehicle sponsor, CAA Saskatchewan is pleased and proud to be along for the ride with the 2021 Saskatchewanderer,” said Fred Titanich, President and CEO, CAA Saskatchewan. “We know this year is definitely the time to explore and experience all that Saskatchewan has to offer with fantastic parks, tourist attractions, lakes, hiking trails, unique communities, and more. The Wanderer, just like our valued 179,000 members, can trust CAA to help with all his travel, insurance, automotive, membership, and safety needs.”

Follow the Saskatchewanderer’s adventures:

Facebook: facebook.com/skwanderer
Twitter: twitter.com/@skwanderer
Instagram: instagram.com/saskatchewanderer
YouTube: youtube.com/user/skwandererofficial
Website: saskatchewanderer.ca

Felipe Gomez - 2021 Saskatchewanderer.