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Auto Maintenance


CAA AutoManager

AutoManager is an automated automotive/maintenance reminder system. With AutoManager and aaa.com, you can create an online account for each vehicle that you own, at no cost. You can then view repair and maintenance tips, access information regarding NHTSA recalls, and use a trouble-shooting tool, which assists in discussions with repair technicians regarding vehicle problems. At the same time, AutoManager can deliver automatic email maintenance reminders and auto payment date reminders if you request these services.

Mitchell1 - Automotive Repair Information

Mitchell1 Auto Repair is a comprehensive online guide that includes valuable repair and maintenance information for more than 12,000 domestic and import vehicles. Ideal for the do-it-youself Member, Mitchell1 is available at a 30% Member-exclusive discounted price.

Vehicle Inspection Service

CAA Saskatchewan's Vehicle Inspection Service provides you with an unbiased evaluation of the condition of your vehicle, as well as advice on repairs at CAA Car Care Centre. This includes garages under the CAA Approved Auto Repair Service (AARS) designations. A technician inspects more than 100 items* and provides you with a thorough, accurate and objective report on the vehicle's condition. This service is particularly valuable:

  • When you are buying or selling a used car
  • When you are concerned about safety
  • Before leaving on a long road trip
  • Before warranty expires
  • To detect special mechanical problems
  • After you've made repairs

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*A manual compression test is not included in the vehicle inspection. If this test is requested, there is a charge for this service based on flat rate time.