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Road Service Express


Saskatchewan’s excellent emergency road service (ERS) just got a boost! In response to Members’ concerns about the occasional long telephone waits during extreme weather conditions, CAA Saskatchewan has introduced Road Service Express – an automated system that receives and dispatches emergency road service when your call is placed from, as well as needed at, your home.

Road Service Express will help reduce long telephone waits for members who live in the city, allowing call centre staff to respond to more complex calls involving stranded motorists, vehicles blocking traffic and other types of serious emergency situations.

Teaming up with Smart Action, an automated telephone service, CAA’s Road Service Express service is just a phone call away.

Here’s how it works:

  1. CAA Members who are at home and need emergency road service can call the CAA Road Service Express line – the same 1.800.222.4357 that Members have come to rely on.
  2. The call is answered, recorded and dispatched by an automated system as soon as it’s received.
  3. The system immediately sends the necessary information to the tow truck/facility nearest to your location.
  4. The Emergency Road Service vehicle arrives at your home to provide the required service. During your call, you will be asked the following basic automated questions:
  5. Are you safe at home, calling from your home address?
  6. Please verify your phone number.
  7. What is your membership number?
  8. What is the make, model and colour of your vehicle?
  9. What is your licence plate number?
  10. What is your first name and last name?
  11. What service do you require today?
  12. Please confirm your home address.

Under normal conditions, the tow truck should arrive in approximately 45 minutes. You will receive a call to update the time of arrival. Please remember to have your membership card and identification available. Not only will Road Service Express make sure that calls are answered immediately, it will also cut valuable minutes off the delivery time for every call. If a problem in communication is experienced at any time during the call, you will automatically be transferred to the CAA call centre staff.

Road Service Express service is available in major centres: Regina, Saskatoon, Weyburn, North Battleford, Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, Yorkton and Estevan. Calls from rural areas will continue to be processed as they are now.

CAA Saskatchewan is the first CAA/AAA club in North America to implement the Road Service Express system. As with all new systems and technologies, there will be some growing pains.

The Road Service Express system evolves every week. The more it is used, the better. CAA Saskatchewan appreciates feedback from its Members to help evaluate and enhance the service. Of course, with the help of dedicated CAA contractors throughout the province, CAA will continue to provide the best possible emergency service.