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Avoid Holiday Woes – Take Steps to Protect your Home at Christmas Time

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Whether you are home, away visiting family or taking a winter getaway during the holidays, we want you to protect your home this Christmas.

Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind.


  • As you buy your gifts it is a good idea to get rid of packaging for high priced items. Don’t give the burglars a shopping list of what they will find in your home.
  • Keep an eye on candles, they are a lovely addition to Christmas decorating but a fire risk.
  • Make sure the Christmas tree is watered and is a safe distance from any heat source, like fireplaces and heat vents.
  • Hide your valuables when you are out and be extra careful about locking doors and windows.
  • Always make sure your vehicles are secured.
  • Keep an eye out for any suspicious behaviour in your neighbourhood and report any concerns you have to the authorities.


  • Show discretion on Social Media, you never know when a ‘not so good friend’ could be staking out targets for a break in.
  • Work with your neighbours to ensure your home looks lived in while you are away and you can return the favour on their next trip. Timers on indoor lights are also a great idea.
  • Hide your valuables and ensure your tools can’t aid a burglar with a break in to your home.
  • Turn your water off or have someone visit your home and check it every day. It is usually a requirement of your insurance.
  • Make sure your Insurance is up to date and you have advised your broker of any changes required for major purchases or renovations.

CAA Insurance offers plans to suit your needs. For more information or a quote visit us online at caask.ca/property-insurance or in-store!

Merry Christmas!