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Whether you have remained with no fault or have switched to the tort option with SGI, many situations exist where coverage is required beyond the $200,000 liability offered under the plate insurance. As well, anyone travelling outside of Saskatchewan should seriously consider increasing their liability. CAA Saskatchewan Insurance Agency offers a competitive auto package policies through AssurePro Insurance Company, Aviva, Saskatchewan Mutual Insurance, and Mennonite Mutual Fire Insurance Company. The following is a summary of the coverage types available:


We offer third party liability limits at $1,000,000, $2,000,000, $3,000,000, $4,000,000 and $5,000,000. Family security limits are the same as the third party liability with a maximum of $2,000,000 being offered.


We provide options to reduce your deductible amount for both collision and comprehensive damages. Deductible options available are now $100, $200, $350, $500 and $700. Your deductible applies to all losses except for total loss caused by fire or lightning, collision with wildlife or theft of the entire vehicle.

Road Hazard Glass

This optional coverage will pay for glass that encloses the passenger compartment of your vehicle that has been broken by an object that was thrown from the road or fell from another vehicle while driving.  You can choose a lower deductible for your glass coverage so it will cost you less when you fix or replace your windshield.  Some deductible options provide you with full payment of stone chip repairs.  Your glass must be repaired or replaced before being eligible for this coverage.

Accident Benefits

These benefits are designed to top-up the benefits provided under the plate insurance such as income replacement, death benefits, education benefits and funeral expenses.

Loss of Use

This optional coverage provides reimbursements for the cost of alternate means of transportation after an insured loss including rental vehicles, fares for taxi cabs or public transportation.

Limited Waiver of Depreciation (Replacement Cost)

For new vehicles only, this optional coverage eliminates the depreciation factor when estimating damage in a total loss claim situation. This means that the book value does not apply and we will replace your vehicle with the same make, model, etc., for up to 36 months from date of bill of sale.

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This is only a summary of coverage. All policy terms, wording and conditions apply. Insurance is sold through CAA Saskatchewan Insurance Agency and is underwritten by CGU Insurance Company of Canada.