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Auto Claim Form

At the Scene

  • Stay calm. Take care of anyone injured.
  • Switch on four-way flashers, turn off ignition, secure vehicle.
  • If necessary, place reflectors or flags.
  • Please call emergency services only if there is an injury and/or a vehicle that is not driveable.
  • Do not make any statements admitting fault or offer to pay for repairs.
  • Gather information from everyone involved (including witnesses and other drivers in the accident).
A. Contact Information
First and last name.
B. Accident Details
If different than the owner of the vehicle.
C. Witness Information
D. Injured Person(s)
E. Other Driver & Vehicle
If possible, ask to see the driver's license and vehicle registration.
F. Accident Summary
G. Police Details
H. Take Pictures
Download our accident diagram to help with a visual explanation of the accident.
I. Report Accident
Remember to report the collision to SGI and SGI claims to set up an appointment to have your vehicle assessed. Also, contact a CAA Insurance Consultant at 1.800.564.6222 ext.2. Note: It is a requirement of your insurance policy that all accidents and/or potential claims be reported to CAA Insurance Agency prior to the commencement of any repairs. All Hit and Run claims and Vandalism claims must be reported to the Police within 48 hours of the occurrence.