Antique Auto

Antique Auto

At CAA Saskatchewan we love cars too and we know you treasure your classic/antique car.
Give it the coverage it deserves with a PlatesPLUS Policy. Our Policy is affordable and provides the following benefits:

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Specialized Claims

Team Our claims team loves classic autos and has knowledge and experience to make your claim experience better because they get it.

Guaranteed Flat Bed Towing

Available for qualifying Members. We know your vehicle should be well treated, flatbed towing is a must.

Agreed Value

Upon review of your appraisal we will work with you to establish the vehicle value for coverage and that is the coverage you can expect in a claim.

First Right of Refusal on Salvage

Should the worst happen and the vehicle be a total loss – we will discuss options with you before we move on decisions about the future of you vehicle.



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What qualifies as an antique vs classic vehicle?

An antique vehicle is one that is at least 30 years old. A classic or special interest vehicle is more than 15 years old and has no modifications to the original manufacturers design. It does not include vans, motorhomes, trailers or motorcycles. 

What is the process for a total loss?

After a loss to an antique plated vehicle (if the vehicles is not an obvious total loss), it will be towed to a mutually agreed upon facility for assessment. Once it has been determined it is a total loss, a cheque for the agreed value less the deductible (if applicable) will be processed. The insured will be given the first right of salvage. Should the insured wish to take back the salvage, a cost will be agreed upon and the claim cheque reduced by this amount. 

How do I value my vehicle?

An appraisal will be required to verify the details of the vehicle such as the condition, the degree and quality of the restoration, any customizations, features, and possible defects.  This information is used to assess an appropriate market value that will be mutually agreed upon prior to providing coverage.

Am I covered when my vehicle is in storage?

The insured vehicle is automatically covered while in storage.  No need to remember to advise us when it goes into storage or when it is removed from storage.