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Group Medical Services offers a variety of individual plans allowing you to choose the plan that best meets your needs and budget.


GMS BasicPlan offers 11 benefits in your province of residence, as well as the option to add prescription drugs, prescription drugs - enhanced, dental care, and/or hospital cash. This plan is best for those looking for peace-of-mind for emergency health situations or top-up existing coverage.


If you are planning on travelling or would like more comprehensive coverage, the ExtendaPlan® would be a better fit. The ExtendaPlan® offers 22 benefits in your province of residence and coverage for trips taken out of Canada. You may also add one or more of the following options: prescription drugs, prescription drug - enhanced, dental care, and/or hospital cash.


The OmniPlan® is our most comprehensive plan with extended maxiumums and enhanced coverage for vision. In addition, goods and services can be purchased anywhere in Canada. Choose options for prescription drugs, prescription drugs - enhanced, dental care, and/or hospital cash to best suit you and your family's needs.


The StudentPlan is for students attending school in another province or abroad and away from the security of home. Be covered for hospitalization, medical services, prescription drugs, health practitioners and many other benefits, including bringing a family member to your bedside if you are hospitalized.

If you are leaving your company sponsored health plan, you can easily convert from any insurer's group benefit plan to any GMS Individual Health Plan, including your choice of options. Just apply for GMS Individual Health within 60-days of your previous coverage lapse, indicate your previous insurer and you'll be automatically accepted.

GMS health and dental insurance is available to CAA Saskatchewan Members. You can purchase a new plan or renew your existing plan. Drop by your nearest CAA Saskatchewan Store, call 1.800.564.6222 or purchase online.