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Sewer Backup Prevention

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Ways to Reduce Sewer Backup Damage

  • Manage drainage around your property.  Ensure that there is nothing blocking your gutters and drains and that water is draining well enough away from your property to ensure that it doesn’t drain down the walls into the weeping tile and the sewers.  Be kind to your neighbours and ensure that your drains are not pointing to their property.

  • Make Drainage improvements around your house.  The ground around your house foundation settles over time which causes runoff to drain towards the walls.  This results in the water seeping into the weeping tiles and eventually into the sewer.  By adding sufficient topsoil or fill around the foundation walls you will ensure the excess water drains away from your house.  It is also an excellent idea to use weather protection sealant on basement windows and ground level doors.
  • Install a sump pump and backflow preventer.  A backflow preventer allows drainage in only one direction and will shut off automatically if water flow is detected in the opposite direction.   A preventer working with a sump pump will provide added protection against damaging water.

  • If you will be away from your home ensure that you have someone check your home if a storm occurs to ensure that repairs begin immediately to minimize damage.
  • Keep your valuable records and papers away from the basement.  It is also a good idea to keep any electronics off the floor in the basement.