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Spring is here! Are you Ready for the Thaw?

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Thank goodness spring is here, CAA Saskatchewan wants to make sure that your home is protected when all the snow melts.  Preventing loss or damage to your home is just as important as having the right insurance coverage.

Types of Water Damage

  1. Flooding - water that flows into your home from natural sources like lakes and rivers.  Flooding is not normally covered under home insurance programs in Canada.
  2. Seepage - slow moving water or other fluid entering the home through small openings like cracks or holes in your home.
  3. Sewer Backup - water that is forced through the sewer system that backs into your home or through your sump pump if it fails.
  4. Water Escape - water damage that results from an overflowing tub or sink or if an appliance (water heater, dishwasher or fridge with water supply) breaks and water damage results.

Insurance responds differently to these losses, some are included automatically, some coverages need to be purchased and others are simply not available.  The best defense against water damage that often comes in the spring is to prepare your property with regular maintenance and a bit of common sense.

Prevention Tips

  • Shovel or remove the snow from around the foundation of your home to a spot where it will melt and drain away from your property.
  • Ensure your pipes (especially those leading to the outside) are insulated and ensure that pipes throughout the home are getting sufficient access to heat to prevent freezing.
  • Know where your home’s main water shut-off valve is in the event there is a leak or a pipe bursts suddenly.
  • Extend your downspouts and make ensure your eaves and window wells are clean of debris.
  • Check the grading around your home to ensure water runs away from your foundation.
  • Checks to make sure your sump pump is working and consider installing a backwater valve as additional security.
  • Check your foundation for cracks and fill them with suitable material to prevent water entering the fault.
  • Check your basement regularly for dampness and other signs of water.
  • Check your roof to ensure that there are no missing or worn shingles or roof coverings that may allow water to penetrate and damage the roof structure during spring storms.
  • Consider installing a leak detection system that will alert you to a water leak in your home.

It is best to know what your insurance policy will cover before you have a water problem in your home.  Water damage can be difficult and costly to repair, and whether covered by your insurance or not can cost your time, money and the loss of valuable belongings.

We recommend you speak to one of our CAA Insurance Consultants for more information on exactly what you’re covered for and how best to protect your home.

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