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Spring Thaw

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SPRING IS HERE – Are you ready for the thaw?

Spring is here, the ice and snow will soon become water.  We can’t stop Mother Nature so CAA Saskatchewan wants to ensure you and your home are prepared with a few small proactive measures to keep water damage at bay.

Prevention Tips

  • Shovel or remove the snow from around the foundation of your home to a spot where it will melt and drain away from your property.
  • Know where your home’s main water shut-off valve is in the event there is a leak or a pipe bursts suddenly.  Plug home drains during excessive rains or flooding.
  • Extend your downspouts and make ensure your eaves and window wells are clean of debris.
  • Check the grading around your home to ensure water runs away from your foundation
  • Checks to make sure your sump pump is working and consider installing a backwater valve as additional security.
  • Check your foundation for cracks and fill them with suitable material to prevent water entering the fault.
  • Consider installing a leak detection system that will alert you to a water leak in your home.
  • Check your basement regularly for dampness and other signs of water.
  • Check your roof to ensure that there are no missing or worn shingles or roof coverings that may allow water to penetrate and damage the roof structure during spring storms.
  • Clean your gutters annually and repair your downspouts, consider investing in gutter covers or screens to keep leaves and debris outt

If you have water damage:

  • Make sure everyone in the home is safe and then when possible contact your insurance broker to report your damage and an adjuster will contact you. Your broker and adjuster will guide you to next steps.
  • Clean up what you can to minimize your damage but don’t throw anything out.   Take photos and video of damage to show your insurance adjuster.
  • Move property to a dry location to prevent any further damages.
  • Be aware that water damage may be unsanitary.  If concerned, stay out of the damaged area and contact a professional to assist you.

CAA Saskatchewan welcomes the opportunity to answer any questions you have about water damage or any insurance questions. Get a Home Insurance Quote.

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