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Legal Expense Insurance Coverage


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When you bundle your CAA Auto and Home Insurance2, Basic Legal Expense Insurance will be included at no additional cost.  Additional coverage options start from $25/year. Call 1.800.564.6222 ext. 2 to get your coverage today!

What is Legal Expense Insurance?

  • It’s no secret that the potential costs of a legal dispute can deter you from pursuing your rights. But with Legal Expense Insurance, you can rest easy knowing that you’re only a phone call away from a lawyer.

When would Legal Expense Insurance help me?

  • You and your neighbour can’t agree on the property line, and s/he is now constructing a shed that sits partially on your land.
  • Your home renovation did not go as planned.
  • You receive an audit notification from the CRA and want to know your rights.
  • You were discriminated against in your workplace or feel you have been wrongfully dismissed.

What exactly does Legal Expense Insurance cover?

  • Coverage for all reasonable legal expenses incurred while pursuing or defending a claim including lawyers and expert witnesses, disbursements, court costs and more.  

Also included

  • UNLIMITED access to a telephone legal advice helpline, where lawyers provide legal advice from 8 a.m. until midnight, seven days a week. You can receive guidance from lawyers on any matter, whether the situation is covered or not.
  • Access to the helpline is available 24/7 in cases of emergency3.

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Coverage Options

1 Auto and Home Insurance is underwritten by CAA Insurance Company (Ontario).
2 Legal Expense Insurance (LEI) is underwritten by DAS Legal Protection Insurance Company Limited. Basic LEI coverage is automatically included on new multi-line property policies. For existing multi-line policyholders, Basic LEI is effective on your property insurance renewal date.  LEI coverage is subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the LEI policy.
3 Das Legal Protection Insurance Company Limited offers a 24/7 help line, in case of emergency, through their external service provider, Sykes Assistance Services Corporation.
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