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Student Medical Insurance


Studying abroad? This product is for you!

Invest in your health and education with Student Medical Insurance from CAA Saskatchewan. While studying away from home, the last thing on your mind should be the high cost of medical services.

If you become sick or injured abroad, your provincial health insurance plan covers less than 10% of expenses.

For example, a medical evacuation could run more than $50,000. Your health plan will cover only part of the bill and will not pay up-front.
Well on Your Way; a Canadian's Guide to Healthy Travel Abroad

With Student Medical Insurance, you get up to $2,000,000 in emergency medical coverage. From treating a stomach ache to casting a broken leg, and just about everything in between. Benefits include: emergency medical and dental treatment, prescription drug reimbursement, eye examinations, annual medical check-ups, maternity expenses, services of a psychiatrist, chiropractor, physiotherapist and more*.

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*Certain exclusions, limitations and conditions may apply. This language may not be the same as the legal and technical terminology found in the official policy wording. In all instances, the official policy wording will prevail. For complete details, refer to the policy wording which is available upon request.