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Automatic Renewal


Automatic Credit Card Renewal

  • Pay the easy way with this convenient payment program.
  • Never worry about being out of town when your membership is up for renewal.
  • You can opt out at any time – no questions asked.

CAA Saskatchewan is fully certified by PCI (Payment Cards International), an industry association of leading payment card providers who require the highest levels of payment card security.

Sign up for Automatic Renewal today - You can make any changes you want to your membership prior to your renewal. You can also opt out of Automatic Renewal at any time with no questions asked. You will receive a statement several weeks prior to your card being charged.

ACCR Terms and Conditions


Monthly Payment Plan

  • Split up the annual membership cost. Membership starts as low as $10.24/month.
  • To sign up for monthly payments during your membership year, speak to a representative at your local CAA Store.

Sign up for Monthly Payment Plan today

It’s easy to make your membership payments hassle-free.

Visit: A CAA Store
Click: My Account Settings 
Call: 1.888.564.6222

When you enroll in CAA’s Automatic Renewal plan, you agree to have CAA Saskatchewan automatically charge your card/account. You can opt out of Automatic Renewal at any time.   A $12 finance fee is included in the monthly payment plan.  When signing up for Monthly Payments, you’re agreeing to a full year CAA membership. Refunds are not available on membership fees.
CAA Saskatchewan is fully certified by Payment Cards International
Monthly Payment Plan terms and conditions