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Manufacturer's Roadside Comparison


Thinking of letting your CAA membership lapse or not joining because of your manufacturer's roadside assistance plan? Take another look. Your CAA membership is so much more than roadside assistance and it provides irreplaceable benefits.


CAA Saskatchewan Membership

Manufacturer's Roadside Assistance*

Membership covers you, not your vehicle.  We'll be there for you even if you are a passenger in another car.

Most plans cover your car exclusively,  and pertains to a limited warranty period.

Coverage allows for towing to your preferred destination (if under mileage limitations). This means we will tow your vehicle to the garage of your choice within the mileage limitations of your membership.

Likely will provide towing to the nearest manufacturer dealership, regardless of your wishes.

Free Member Benefits:

  • Trip Accident Assistance
  • Maps
  • TripTiks®
  • Home Insurance Discounts
  • Member Contests

Not offered.

Member Savings - Through CAA's Rewards program, CAA Members can receive immediate discounts or earn CAA Dollars® on everything from hotels, shoes and flowers, to movie vouchers, automotive services and satellite radios.  For a complete list of current savings opportunities, visit our Rewards portal.

Not offered.

*Plans vary by manufacturer.  Please read your roadside assistance manual for exact details.
** Conditions apply.