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Prince Albert

Travel Agent

Tom Brothwell
Travel Manager, Certified Travel Consultant
I am definitely the old timer of the office having experience that includes 12 years with the airlines, and 30 years with CAA Travel in Prince Albert. I am very involved in our community, and I feel that my industry experience and knowledge is a tremendous advantage for my clients. I am a Group Travel Specialist having organized groups to many world destinations including Mexico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Australia, Europe and the U.S. If you have any questions, we have a great team of travel experts who would be pleased to help you out. My name is Tom Brothwell, from CAA Travel in Prince Albert.
Jillian Bessette
Travel Consultant
I live, eat, breathe and sleep travel! Literally. I think about it when I wake up on a rainy day and am reminded of Scotland, when my shrimp pales to fresh seafood on any beach, and when a sunburn stings like the doozy I got in Australia. I also love thinking about it when people want to talk to me about their own travel dreams - and working at CAA has allowed me to do that every day since 2011. I’ve tried my hand at most types of travel, touring, ocean and river cruising, and road-tripping my way through parts of Canada and the US, the resorts of Mexico and Cuba, various Caribbean islands, highlights of Australia, as well as exploring the history and modernity of Europe (absolutely my favourite, for the record) in the UK, France, The Netherlands, Germany, and Italy, Italy, Italy! It’s a big world, and the bucket list only gets longer – let me help you find, build, book and experience whatever makes your travel heart sing!
Sarah Munford
Travel Consultant
It’s a big world out there – let me help you discover it! I bring with me a lifelong interest in travel, which has so far taken me to England, France, Germany, Hawaii, Cuba, Mexico, Jamaica, St Marten and Las Vegas and a have bucket list which is even longer! Whether it’s travelling the world, exploring Canada or booking a flight to visit Grandma – I’m here to help you.