Roadside Service Guide

Your CAA Membership covers you, not your vehicle. So whether you are the passenger or the driver, in your vehicle or a family members vehicle, your CAA membership has you covered. Your membership card is not transferable. Extend the benefits of your membership to your family with a CAA Associate membership*. 

Any Member who is driving or travelling in an approved vehicle is eligible for service. Your CAA membership covers you, not your vehicle, and is non-transferable. It will not cover service to non-members, relatives, spouses or friends, nor will it be rendered to an unattended vehicle. Members will be required to show their membership card and photo identification at the time of service. If circumstances (acceptable to CAA) prevent you from being present, you must advise CAA that a representative will present your card when the driver arrives. Your representative may be required to produce two additional pieces of identification. Only one roadside assistance call per breakdown will be allowed.

Vehicles eligible for coverage
Roadside Assistance applies to licensed four-wheel motor-driven vehicles of the passenger, pleasure or recreational type**, regardless of licence designation. Dual-wheel camper/motorhomes qualify for full service with the exception of towing/extrication and tire service for which a Plus RV or Premier RV membership is required. Dual-wheel unloaded pickup trucks qualify for all services except tire service. All trucks with campers in box require Plus RV or Premier RV. The Club or its contractor will refuse to tow an unregistered vehicle***. Recovery of light duty trailers (excluding fifth-wheel trailers) being towed at the time of disablement can be provided at Member’s expense.

Motorcycle service is available under the terms of CAA Plus or Premier membership.

Excludes: Fleet vehicles, one ton trucks with flat beds instead of a regular box, cube vans, commercial purposes vehicles and limos

Roadside Assistance Services in complete detail
The following services will be provided to return your vehicle to a driveable condition. If these attempts are unsuccessful after reasonable effort by the service provider, towing service will be provided as per the terms of your membership.

Minor Mechanical Adjustments: Minor/temporary adjustments will be made in an attempt to enable your vehicle to operate safely under its own power.

Battery Boost: A battery boost will be provided in an attempt to start your vehicle. (The computer and electrical systems on some vehicles, such as BMW and Mercedes could be damaged by boosting. CAA Saskatchewan will not boost these vehicles but will provide towing service instead.) If any qualified vehicle cannot be started within a reasonable amount of time, the towing provision will apply.

Battery Service: CAA Saskatchewan will test, boost and replace your battery if needed through the Battery Service program. If the test shows a new battery is required, you can purchase one on the spot. (Only available in Regina and Saskatoon.)*

Flat Tire: On any four-wheeled vehicle, your spare tire will be installed if it is inflated and serviceable. When this service is performed, the wheel lug nuts must be re-torqued after the vehicle has been driven 50 kilometres or before it is operated at highway speeds. Also remember that there are limitations on the speed and distance a space saver spare tire can be driven. If the spare tire is flat, wheel lug nuts and/or the spare tire holder are seized, the security wheel lock system is damaged or missing, or the security key and the wheel cannot be removed, the vehicle will be towed in accordance with the terms of your membership.

Service does not include repairs; additional trips to deliver a repaired tire; installation or removal of tire chains; mounting, dismounting or shifting or tires; nor seasonal tire changeovers.

For Plus RV or Premier RV Members, a flat tire will be replaced with your inflated spare tire on a dual-wheel vehicle or trailer, with the same service limitations as listed above. CAA Plus or Premier coverage provides towing services for motorcycles.

Fuel Delivery: A sufficient supply of fuel will be delivered to your disabled vehicle to enable you to reach the nearest open service station or cardlock facility or your vehicle will be towed to a facility where fuel is available. The cost of the fuel will be at the Member’s expense and based on current pump prices at the time of delivery. CAA Saskatchewan cannot guarantee the availability of specific brands or octane ratings. CAA Plus and Premier Members receive a sufficient amount of fuel free of charge.

Lockout Service: If your keys are locked inside the vehicle, a service provider will be sent to gain entrance.

If your keys are lost or broken, or the service provider cannot gain entrance to your vehicle, locksmith service up to $50 CAA Basic - $100 for CAA Plus and Premier Members – will be provided. In cases where the vehicle cannot be made operable, towing service will be provided in accordance with the terms of your membership.

Extrication: Your vehicle will be extricated when it can be safely reached from a normally travelled and maintained road or thoroughfare. This excludes beaches, vacant lots, private logging roads, frozen lakes, winter roads, fields, tote roads and any other hard-to-reach place requiring special equipment.

Roadside assistance cannot be rendered to a vehicle that is snowbound in a driveway, lane, road or street. If special equipment, more than one vehicle, or more than one person is required, the associated cost will be at the Member’s expense. CAA Plus and Premier extends coverage to include, as required, the service of a second vehicle for up to one hour at the scene of disablement. If the vehicle is unable to be operated after the extrication, the extended towing benefit will apply.

Towing: When your vehicle cannot be safely driven after attempting any of the listed roadside assistance services, it will be towed at no charge to the nearest contract facility or five kilometres – 160 km for CAA Plus and Premier Members – from the point of disablement in any direction. CAA Premier Members are entitled to one tow of up to 320 km per year (as part of their five eligible calls). A charge per kilometre will be applied by the service facility to any additional mileage over the 5 km, 160 km or the one time 320 km limit. A Member requiring more than their four, or five for Premier, roadside assistance calls in a membership year will be charged for subsequent calls. 10 year (consecutive) Members also receive an additional Roadside Assistance call.

Scope of Service
Under your membership, roadside assistance will be provided without charge from the nearest available CAA contractor.

For your protection, service cannot be provided to an unattended vehicle. In extenuating circumstances, an exception may be made if prior arrangements have been made with CAA Saskatchewan.

In certain areas, service is provided by independent contractors who are not employees of CAA Saskatchewan or its affiliates. Responsibility for loss, damage or unsatisfactory workmanship lies with the contractor providing the service.

CAA Saskatchewan disclaims any responsibility for loss of work time or any other expenses resulting from service delay.

Alternate Service
Service delays are sometimes unavoidable due to heavy demands during extreme weather conditions. If you are at your home address, you may experience our Road Service Express automation that puts your request to the front of the line. You can also avoid telephone delays by requesting roadside assistance online or through the CAA mobile app. If you are unable to reach CAA, you may call the nearest available source of service. For reimbursement consideration, you must provide the original receipt within 30 days of the date of service. Please include your name, membership number, date, nature and location of service.

The rules and regulations of Roadside Assistance Services are subject to change. If you have any questions, please contact a CAA Store.

Damage claims and service complaints must be reported to CAA Saskatchewan within 30 days of a roadside assistance request.

All claims are investigated and fraudulent claims will be prosecuted.

Extreme Weather
CAA Roadside Assistance may not be available during severe weather, such as blizzards or whiteout conditions, when poor visibility and unsafe roads may prevent our service providers from reaching stranded motorists. Before travelling, please following these important tips:

  • Check road and weather conditions and delay travel if they are poor.
  • Pack a vehicle emergency survival kit, including a fully-charged cell phone and car charger.
  • Plan your route in advance and let others know your route and expected travel time.
  • Bring clothing appropriate for the weather.

Service Limitations

Services not covered by your membership include:

  • Towing as a result of fire, theft, damage or motor vehicle accident where insurance company (SGI) or third party pre-empts CAA towing.
  • Towing when in violation of the law. (example: illegal parking)
  • Towing or servicing of an abandoned or dismantled vehicle.
  • Repairs, parts of labour.
  • Repeated towing or servicing of a vehicle in need of maintenance or repairs (one call per vehicle breakdown).
  • Towing of unregistered or uninsured vehicles.
  • Delivery of propane or compressed natural gas (vehicle will be towed)
  • Service to a vehicle equipped with an alcohol interlock system that has been violated.
  • Service to a vehicle equipped with security wheel locks. The Member must supply the service personnel with a functional security key to obtain tire service.
  • Towing from SGI or police compound.
  • Service to livestock trailers with or without living quarters.
  • Service to a vehicle hauling livestock and/or equipment used to haul livestock.
  • Service to pick-up trucks with loads.
  • Towing a vehicle to a scrap yard or unwanted scrap vehicles to a recycler.
  • Service to cube vans, flat decks, limos, farm trucks or semi units.
  • Service to altered and modified vehicles at the discretion of the roadside assistance provider. Surcharges may apply.
  • CAA Saskatchewan is not responsible for after market non OEM equipment and electrical devices installed on a vehicle.
  • For environmental reasons, diesel fuel systems cannot be bled by CAA contractors. 
  • Roadside Assistance Services not available in Mexico.
  • Canadian registered vehicles will not be towed into the U.S for repairs due to U.S. border and trucking regulations.

Ride Assist with Breakdown
If you are involved in an accident or a breakdown, a CAA representative can help you make rental car and other transportation reservations.

Accident Assist
At the time of an accident or breakdown, when you call for Roadside Assistance, a CAA representative can help you contact family members, locate restaurants and find hotel accommodations if you are out of town.

Excessive Use
In fairness to all Members, Roadside Assistance Services are not to be used as a substitute for proper vehicle maintenance.

Service Comments
It is CAA Saskatchewan’s goal to provide you with the highest quality Roadside Assistance Services available. All CAA/AAA organizations maintain the highest quality services available throughout Canada and the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. However, certain benefits may very from club to club. Any comments you may have will enable us to continue improving our service

Additional Premier Roadside Assistance
As a CAA Member, you’ll enjoy even more benefits on the road:

One Free Day of Car Rental with Tow.

If your vehicle is towed and you are stranded without transportation – just ask us for help. Each Premier Member (including Associates) is entitled to one, complimentary, consecutive two-day rental car per membership year from CAA’s preferred rental car provider, when the tow is one of the five allowable Roadside Assistance calls. This benefit is valid for Premier Members who are within 160 km of their residence. If the breakdown is more than 160 km from the Member’s residence, please refer to “Trip Interruption” service. Service must be provided by the preferred rental car provider and arranged through CAA. The CAA Premier Member has up to 48 hours from the time of the tow to call CAA and request the service. Please note: CAA Premier Members are responsible for making their own arrangements directly with the rental company for extra day rental charges, upgrades, vehicle insurance, mileage and fuel charges, and any other charges, feed and taxes. Normal rental qualifications, including age and other restrictions, apply.

*Must be living within the same household.
**Rented passenger and commercial vehicles are also eligible for service with the exception of taxis, limousines, school buses and off-road vehicles.
***Your personal cheque for up to at least $350 will be accepted by an independent contract facility providing emergency services or repairs for CAA Members. A valid membership card must be presented at the time of payment. The name on the cheque must match the Member’s name.
* Battery service is not available 24 hours a day. 

Note: Passengers allowed in tow vehicles are limited to the number of seat belts available. Alternate transportation for additional passengers will be arranged at the Member’s expense.