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Electrical Essentials

Adapt a Kit

  • Adapter Plugs for Foreign Travel: Each adapter permits dual voltage appliances to be plugged in around the world. (non grounded use)
  • Can be used with voltage appropriate converter for single voltage appliances.
  • Accepts flat or round two-pin plugs.
  • Adapters do not convert voltage.

Adapter - Hi-Lo Converter

  • Includes three country coded adapters.
  • Hi-Lo Power, Voltage Converter.
  • Use the low setting on travel appliances 25 W or less.
  • Use the high setting on travel appliances rated over.
  • 25 W to maximum 1600 W.
  • Non-grounded use.
  • Can be used in several European countries.




Adapter - Info

  1. Permits dual voltage appliances to be plugged -in (non grounded use).
  2. Accepts flat or two-pin plugs.
  3. Does not convert voltage.
  4. Can be used with voltage appropriate converter for single voltage appliances.

Adapter Plug - A

Used in:

  • Great Britain
  • Ireland
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong

Adapters - Grounded

  1. Use with two or three pin appliances.
  2. Permits dual voltage appliances to be plugged in.
  3. Can be used with voltage appropriate converter for single voltage appliances.
  4. Features a mechanical safety shutter to avoid electric shock.
  5. Does not convert voltage.

Variety of plugs available for any country you are travelling to!



Bendyman- Is a great addition to your travel organizer. 


  • Bright flashlight eyes illuminates the dark areas on the plane down by your feet, handbag or backpack.
  • Can be used as a stand to hold phone, mini tablet or e-reader
  • Compact and handy bookmark and booklight in one
  • Hang upside down, bend legs to fit over top of closed tray table, bend arms to hold phone at eye-level
  • Bendable arms/legs can be used as hooks or wrap around electronic wires etc.
  • Great for camping too!
  • Weight 1.5 oz | Body size- 6.5 x .125” . 

Available in: black, pink , green.


Mobile Power - Credit Card Sized

Back-up power supply for smart phones & USB devices.


  • 1.5 Hours Smartphone recharge time.
  • Talk & charge simultaneously.
  • Power bank USB charging cable included.



Powerbank 4000

Backup power supply for mobiles & USB devices

  • Auto detects device
  • Adjust power for the quickest charge rate
  • Compatible for iPhone & Samsung Galaxy

Single Power Bank

A pocket-sized back up power supply that recharges Smartphones and other USB devices when travelling. Pre-charged and ready to use.


USB Retractable Cable

Tangle-free retractable USB charging cable for Lightning compatible devices such as:
Iphone 5, iPad Mini.  Extends to 27.5” (70 cm) with data transfer rate of up to 480 Mbps.


USB Shaver

Pocket-sized USB rechargeable travel shaver.


Waterproof iPad Pouch

  • Protect and use your iPad in and near water, sand & dust.
  • Operate controls through soft surface.
  • Double zip-lock security with hook & loop closure.
  • Hand strap.