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CAA/AAA's eReader TourBook guides provide essential information for any travellers planning a trip to some of the top destination cities across North America. Guides are available to Members in a format compatible for viewing on handheld electronic readers, such as Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, Sony Reader, Apple iPad tablet and smart phones offering reader apps.

eTour Book files will be updated regularly and include detailed destination information such as Approved and Diamond Rated hotel and restaurant listings, Editors Picks for attractions, events and nightlife, trip itineraries and insider information.

The new eTourBook guide for Las Vegas was awarded the 2012 Non-Fiction Publishing Innovation Award from Digital Book World. It, along with the guides for Orlando and Grand Canyon National Park, have also received Digital Book World's new QED designation, which stands for Quality, Excellence and Design.

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Each year thousands of establishments are inspected in order to be CAA/AAA approved. Besides meeting the CAA/AAA high standard of quality, many establishments display the CAA/AAA 'approved' emblem that indicates a particular interest in serving Members. These establishments are given "Diamond Ratings" (one to five diamonds) to reflect the level of quality.

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