CAA School Safety Patrol

Patrollers help keep Saskatchewan school zones safe by helping schoolmates cross streets safely to and from school. Patrollers gain confidence, learn responsibility, and leadership through the program. These traits enable patrollers to become safety ambassadors to students and community members. The program is successful thanks to the combined support of CAA Saskatchewan, municipal police, RCMP, school safety patrol coordinators, school divisions, teachers, parents, and the student volunteer patrollers.

If you have questions about the CAA School Safety Patrol® program or would like to start one in your school community, please contact us a

2022 CAA School Safety Patrol Month

CAA dedicates the month of May to our 4,100 CAA School Safety patrollers in Saskatchewan and May 2022 has been proclaimed CAA School Safety Patrol Month by the Honourable Dustin Duncan, Minister of Education.

Thank you, patrollers, for the valuable volunteer work that you do in helping to keep students and school zones safe. Thank you, safety patrol coordinators and law enforcement, for working with our patrollers for the safety of all students.

Here's how to start a CAA School Safety Patrol program!

CAA provides everything school coordinators need to start and run the program in their elementary school. We provide all equipment, at no charge, including reflector vests, stop paddles, Captain and Lieutenant pins, plus training materials for coordinators and patrollers. We can also help with recognition and award events for patrollers, plus we work with the Ministry of Education to thank our patrollers by having the month of May annually designated as CAA School Safety Patrol Month.

CAA organizes annual School Safety Patrol Jamborees at no cost to the patrollers or coordinators.

It’s important for all CAA School Safety Patrol Coordinators to register their schools with CAA Saskatchewan every fall at the start of the school year. This helps to ensure coordinators receive important updates and new information about the CAA School Safety Patrol program.



To start a CAA School Safety Patrol® in your school, please use the printable CAA School Safety Patrol Registration Form or fill out the electronic form below.

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CAA School Safety Patrol Supplies are offered provided free of charge to all registered patrols. To order your supplies, please use the printable CAA School Safety Patrol Order Form or fill out the electronic form below.

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Important! Reporting of incidents involving patrollers on duty is required. Please contact your local law enforcement, or School Resource Officer to report this incident, as well as complete our CAA SK School Safety Patrol Incident Report.

Patrols on Parade

Our History

CAA Saskatchewan has owned, coordinated and managed the CAA School Safety Patrol program since 1951. For over 60 years CAA School Safety Patrollers have helped keep Saskatchewan school zones safe. There are approximately 4,100 patrollers, from 150 schools representing 70 communities in our province.

Attention CAA School Safety Patrol Alumni! Are You a Former Patroller?

CAA Saskatchewan is collecting memorable testimonials from Alumni of the CAA School Safety Patrol program. We’d like to share these reflective and interesting testimonials with current patrollers in our province, and across Canada. Your experiences and learnings with the CAA School Safety Patrol program will offer inspiration to all patrollers, including the 4,100 CAA School Safety Patrollers from around Saskatchewan. We’ve heard from current and past patrollers about how the program has helped teach them responsibility, confidence, safety advocacy and leadership.

Please email your testimonials and any images or photos to