CAA Rewards Assistant

CAA Rewards Assistant

Never miss a chance to save money with CAA Rewards! When you visit the website(s) of CAA Reward Partners, the new CAA Rewards Assistant will notify you of unique CAA offers.

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Only available with Google Chrome browser. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean when the CAA Rewards Assistant icon is grey?

If the CAA Rewards Assistant is coloured grey it means you are not currently signed in.   NOTE: You must be signed in in order for the CAA Rewards Assistant to recommend offers. To sign in, click on the CAA Rewards Assistant and then enter your CAA Saskatchewan Membership Number.

What does it mean when the CAA Rewards Assistant icon is blinking?

If the CAA Rewards Assistant is blinking, it means there is an active offer for the retailer whose page you are on.  Click on the CAA Rewards Assistant icon to view the offer.

How often do I need to sign in?

You only need to sign in one time.  The CAA Rewards Assistant will remember your CAA Member number each time you open the browser.  If you want to login with a different CAA Member number you should open the Rewards Assistant and click the “Logout” button.

What browsers are supported?

The CAA Rewards Assistant currently supports the Google Chrome browser.  We are evaluating future support for other popular browsers.

What types of offers will appear?

There are two types of offers the CAA Rewards Assistant will recommend:

  • In-Store – These offers are available only when shopping in-store.  The details of the offer will be described in the CAA Rewards Assistant. 
  • Online – These offers are available online.  You must click on the Shop Now link to activate the offer before making your purchase
How do I remove the CAA Rewards Assistant?

We hope that you don’t ever want to remove the CAA Rewards Assistant, but if you do, you simply right click on the CAA icon and choose “Remove from Chrome”