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Battery Service


Each year, millions of motorists are stranded due to a dead battery. CAA offers the most convenient way to get you back on the road quickly.

CAA Battery Service will come to you.* Our technicians will test your battery and install a new one, if needed, while you wait. No need to make an appointment; no need to be towed. The test is quick and accurate and, best of all, it's performed by CAA!

Our specially designed Battery Service vehicles are equipped with a full line of batteries. Batteries for the CAA Saskatchewan mobile battery service are supplied by Johnston Controls one of North Americas largest automotive battery manufacturers. For warranty support, members can call 306-791-4387. We take special care to dispose of your old or used battery in the most environmentally friendly way possible, with 100% recycled into new products.

Automotive batteries have a limited shelf life and can fail overnight or over the weekend. Regular tests by your technician can tell you how much life is left and prevent you from being stranded. Batteries from competitive retailers may not be checked or fresh. You could actually buy a brand new dead battery. Our batteries come with a 90-day freshness guarantee, which means it's fresh and fully charged.

Need battery service now?

Call 1.800.CAA.HELP (1.800.222.4357) or request roadside assistance online

CAA Battery Tender

Charge your battery even when your vehicle is parked or in long-term storage. With the fully-automatic CAA Battery Tender, you can eliminate costly repairs and avoid inconvenient vehicle down-time. For only $69.95 installed (plus tax), you can't go wrong.

This product is perfect for:

  • Anyone who drives their vehicle rarely or not at all during the winter months
  • Vintage and collectible car owners who enjoy using the vehicle occasionally
  • Owners of seasonal use recreational vehicles such as RVs and personal watercraft vehicles
  • Those who park at airports for extended periods of time


*Mobile Battery Service available in Saskatoon and Regina only.