RV Membership Coverage

RV Membership Coverage

A CAA membership isn’t just for your vehicle, we also cover your recreational vehicles (RV’s), campers, and trailer by extending your CAA Plus or CAA Premier membership for RV. RV coverage is available for an additional $31.

Already a Member? You can upgrade your existing membership to cover your RV travels this summer. To upgrade visit your local CAA Store, email us at notify@caask.ca or call 1-800-564-6222 (option 2).



Plus RV Membership


Plus membership

For commuters and road trippers.

Same great features as a Plus membership with:

4 roadside assistance calls
Towing up to 160 km
Free fuel and delivery
PLUS coverage for your RV/Camper/Trailer

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Premier RV Membership


Premier membership

For maximum benefits and coverage.

Same great features as a Premier membership with:

5 roadside assistance calls
Towing up to 160 km PLUS one tow up to 320 km
Free fuel and delivery
PLUS coverage for your RV/Camper/Trailer

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CAA Insurance

Does your RV have the right coverage? Even though recreational vehicles and trailers are often covered under your home and property insurance, they require additional coverage and license plate registration just like your vehicle.

For more information, contact us at 1.800.564.6222 | caa.insurance@caask.ca, or visit your local CAA Store.

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Ultimate Guide

One-Stop Camping Resource

Presenting a comprehensive guide about everything you need to know about summer camping in the great province of Saskatchewan. Download today and get your hands on detailed camping insights through 7 informative chapters. Learn about the different types of camping, get to know secrets from experienced campers, enjoy some fun printable PDFs to carry along with you, and so much more!

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The membership price does not include tax. A Manual Renewal Processing Fee of $20 will be waived on automatic renewal payment option.   
Coverage with indicated dollar amounts and numbers, are available as an annual limit per membership year.
1 A waiting period may be in effect for roadside assistance on a new membership or upgrade. Service may be subject to a surcharge during this period. 
2 See membership handbook for more details.
4 Service is restricted to single dwelling entrances listed as the home address on the membership file and does not include main security doors.