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The CAA Saskatchewan Magazine, exclusive to CAA Members, is printed and published quarterly in February (spring), May (summer), September (fall), and November (winter). The magazine is mailed to all CAA Members and complimentary copies are available at all CAA Stores, plus the CAA Car Care Centre at Regina Battery Depot.

The Summer 2019 issue of CAA Saskatchewan Magazine is now available for your reading enjoyment.

Browse these exciting summer highlights:

  • Chair’s Message: Suzanne Young, Chair of the Board for CAA Saskatchewan reminds us that in the summertime, the Living is Easy. Plus, road trip safety and how to save along the way.
  • CAA Insider: Meet the 2019 Saskatchewanderer, Zane Buchanan.
  • Auto IQ: Fix it or Ditch it? Scott McIntyre, CAA’s VP Automotive Services, explains the facts about deciding whether your older vehicle is worth another trip to the repair shop.
  • Insurance IQ: Under the Weather. With severe weather on the rise, make sure you’ve got the right insurance coverage. Lori Madsen, Director of CAA Saskatchewan Insurance, comments on how your insurance is affected by severe weather.
  • WestWorld Tours 20th Anniversary Tour: Celebrate with WestWorld Tours on this 20-day African adventure! On this once-in-a-lifetime tour, you’ll experience South Africa’s iconic sights: Cape Town, Kruger National Park and Mandela’s former prison.
  • SK Local Look - Moose Jaw: Dubbed the “friendly city”, Moose Jaw boasts welcoming residents and an easygoing vibe with its historic buildings, trendy shops and eateries. The city is a picturesque weekend destination bursting with character.
  • On the Road: Get Your Motor Running. A look at auto events and cool car experiences across Saskatchewan. CAA Members, Barry and Wendy Anderson from Saskatoon share their classic car experience with CAA. Plus, learn some quirky car facts. Did you know that until the 1920’s, drivers in many provinces still drove on the left? Newfoundland was the last to switch to the right in 1947.
  • Feature: Over the next Hill. Explore Saskatchewan’s native grasslands with The Nature Conservancy of Canada. Plus, Grasslands 101 – Planning your prairie getaway.
  • By the Way: Get to the Art of the Matter. This summer discover handcrafted treasures on Saskatchewan Art Studio Tours.

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