Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Message from the Chair of the Board

Peace of Mind

CAA takes your safety and security very seriously

Board of Directors - Pat Friesen

PHRASES LIKE “we’ve got you covered” or “peace of mind” are advertised so often and can mean many different things. When I hear them, I think of insurance. As a longtime CAA member, I know my experienced CAA Insurance Consultant is there to help, whether I need travel coverage or home insurance.

These days, safety and security are top of mind. We all live in a home, apartment or condo. Many of us also drive cars and enjoy recreational boats, classic cars, campers and RVs. These things—and the people in our lives—need to be protected and insured.

Friends and neighbours have told me they didn’t know CAA provides insurance. CAA Saskatchewan offers a wide range of coverage, including home, auto, health and dental, life or personal, travel medical and trip interruption. But did you know CAA members also receive an exclusive 10% discount on home insurance? This is real savings that automatically comes with CAA membership. Another perk: You can purchase vehicle plates at any CAA store in Saskatchewan.

For easy access, set up an online account when you purchase a home or auto policy. You can review current policies, report a claim, manage drivers/vehicles, view policy documentation, request location updates for property insurance, and connect with your CAA Insurance Consultant.

Another handy online tool is the CAA Property Checklist. I used this very helpful feature to create an inventory of all my belongings. And I keep my completed checklist in a safe place —in case of a fire or other type of emergency, like sewer backup or water damage.

I included my kitchen appliances and household items, such as our computer and TV. As further protection of these essential goods, consider adding home equipment breakdown coverage. This affordable add-on covers the cost of repair or replacement if something acts up. Find out more about this little-known coverage on page 20.

These are just some of the benefits and perks of a CAA membership. We help your family stay safe with other services, too— roadside assistance, travel and insurance advice, automotive help, safety reminders and consumer education tips. 

Take care. Stay safe.


Pat Friesen
Chair, CAA Saskatchewan
Board of Directors