CAA Scholarship Program

CAA Scholarship Program

Since 2006, CAA Saskatchewan has provided annual entrance scholarships to eligible Saskatchewan high school graduates planning to attend the University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina, and Saskatchewan Polytechnic. 

Fred Titanich, President & CEO, CAA Saskatchewan, remarked: “On behalf of our valued members, staff, and board of directors, we are pleased to help students continue their Saskatchewan educational journey through the CAA Scholarship program. Best wishes and congratulations to all successful applicants.” 


A $2,500 scholarship is available to the University of Saskatchewan and also to the University of Regina. Applicants must be either a CAA Saskatchewan Member or child of a Member, and a resident of Saskatchewan.

CAA scholarships for Saskatchewan students entering Saskatchewan Polytechnic are $3,750 in total and include the Automotive Service Technician program offered at the Saskatoon campus ($1,250) and at the Moose Jaw campus ($1,250), plus the Auto Body Technician Certificate program ($1,250) offered at the Regina campus. The CAA scholarships at Saskatchewan Polytechnic are available May 15 to July 31st to CAA Saskatchewan Members and non-members. 

According to Kris Brown, Associate Vice President, Advancement at Saskatchewan Polytechnic, “Donors are essential to ensuring students have a clear path to reaching their goals. Your thoughtful gifts make a significant impact by changing the path of students’ lives, enabling them to achieve their full potential. Thank you for supporting Sask. Polytech students.”

Each educational institution administers the scholarships, including the application forms and selection of successful candidates. The applicants are evaluated on academic excellence, economic needs, and other factors, including participation in extra-curricular activities or community involvement.

CAA Saskatchewan also awards one entrance scholarship of $2,500 to an employee or child of an employee. The successful candidate is determined by academic excellence and selected by CAA Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Polytechnic 2021-2022 Student Award Recipient Testimonials:

I just wanted to say how relieved I am going into the school year, I live with my little brother who is still going to high school, this helps us a lot, a great motivator for my brother also, thank you so much for the help we really needed it, will not forget. - Marchant, Certificate, Automotive Service Technician Year 1, Saskatoon

Thank you very much for choosing me for this Award. I appreciate it greatly and it will push me all the more to excel in my classes and push to be in the top of my class. This helps out a tremendous amount and I can't wait to see what the rest of the year holds for me with these opportunities and gifts come upon me.  - Zachary, Certificate, Automotive Service Technician Year 1, Moose Jaw

I really appreciate this award; it really will help me afford to pursue my auto body training. I can't thank you enough. -Katherine, Certificate, Auto Body Technician Year 1, Regina