Worst Roads

The CAA Worst Roads campaign invites Saskatchewan motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, and transit users to nominate and vote for the worst, unsafe roads they have travelled on. Worst roads include those with potholes or crumbling pavement, cracks, general disrepair, poor signage, congestion, and unsafe infrastructure.

CAA Saskatchewan acknowledges the improvements made to Saskatchewan roads for the safety of all residents and travellers. But there is still work to be done and who better to help identify roads in need of repair than Saskatchewan’s road users including motorists, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, and transit users. Working to improve road safety is a priority for CAA.

Saskatchewan has over 250,000 km of roads, the highest length of road surface compared to any other province in Canada. That’s a lot of roads to cover which is why the campaign exists: To invite as many road users as possible to nominate and vote for the roads – municipal or provincial – that are a safety concern to them and others.

Angel Blair is CAA’s 2023 Worst Roads Roving Reporter. Watch for her interviews with road users and stakeholders posted weekly on CAA’s social media platforms and YouTube Channel.

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2023-top-ten-worst-roadsCAA 2023 Top Ten Worst Roads  

  1. Saskatchewan 44, Eston. Major problem: Potholes
  2. Saskatchewan 30, Eston. Major problem: Potholes
  3. Coteau Street West, Moose Jaw. Major problem: Potholes
  4. Highway 13, Redvers. Major problem: Potholes
  5. Saskatchewan 5, Buchanan. Major problem: Poor road maintenance (#5 in 2022 CAA Worst Roads campaign)
  6. Butte Street, Pilot Butte. Major problem: Potholes
  7. Saskatchewan 9, Whitewood. Major problem: Potholes
  8. Saskatchewan 123, Petaigan/Ravendale/Pemmican Portage. Major problem: Potholes
  9. Highway 9, Hudson Bay. Major problem: Potholes (#3 in 2022 and 2021 and #5 in 2018 CAA Worst Roads)
  10. Old Highway 35, White Fox. Major problem: Potholes

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