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Common Wedding Destinations


The Mayan Riviera is CAA Saskatchewan’s No. 1 wedding destination, thanks to luxurious resorts with wedding packages galore, turquoise Caribbean waters, Mayan cultural sites and ecological parks.

Dominican Republic

This island nation in the West Indies is a white-sand paradise. Punta Cana, on the east coast, with its palm-lined, electric-blue waters, and powder-soft beaches, is especially sought-after for weddings.


Although more expensive than Mexico and the Dominican, Jamaica is chock-full of resorts with wedding packages to suit all budgets. Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Negril offer a dreamscape of beaches, parks, friendly local faces, and chilled-out culture.


The most budget-friendly wedding destination, Cuba entices with miles upon miles of white-sand beaches and eclectic local culture. Most couples marry at a Varadero resort and take day trips to Havana to explore the vibrant city streets.

Costa Rica

The spot for active couples and nature lovers who would rather sleep in a treehouse than set foot in an all-inclusive. Isolated beaches, volcanoes, and deep jungles packed with wildlife are all close at hand – and make for perfect diversions after an intimate oceanside ceremony.

Other Destinations

Have another destination in mind? Let one of our Destination Wedding Specialists know!


When should we book?

The earlier, the better. If you can book 10-12 months in advance, you’re able to take advantage of full availability and great pricing. This also gives your friends & family a chance to save up and join you! This is especially true if you’d like to travel during busy seasons like Christmas, Easter, Spring Break, ETC.

How many people can come?

The average destination wedding group size is 25. However, larger groups can be booked with ease.

What kind of ceremony can we have?

Be sure to decide if you’d like a religious/spiritual or legal ceremony as some countries have certain laws and requirements. We can help you find the best destination to fit your needs and explain the laws or requirements for marriage in various locales.

How much on average do guests need to spend?

The average cost of a travel package for a destination wedding is about $1,800 - $2,000 per person, tax included.

Do I need to book in-person or can we plan everything virtually?

Planning can be done in-person or virtually. Your destination wedding consultant will work with you.

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