As we cautiously move outside for summer in Saskatchewan, we are all looking forward to enjoying some familiar activities. Whether you are heading out to enjoy your boat, RV or classic car, CAA wants you to be sure you have the proper insurance coverage.


Boat insurance is a bit of a combination of your home and auto coverages. You will need to check with your broker to ensure you have full coverage both in and out of the water and while it is being stored in the winter. Liability is a factor with boat insurance as well.

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Classic cars can be more expensive to repair and therefore more costly to insure. Be sure that you have an inspection and appraisal done and insure to the full value to avoid being assessed depreciation on a specialty vehicle that has unique features.

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Live in vehicles and trailers are a bit of a combination program too. Movable contents are often covered under your home and property insurance but the vehicle itself requires license plates and extra coverage just like your vehicle. Liability is essential when operating an RV or towing a trailer.

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Protect your toys and enjoy the outdoors. Contact us if you have any questions, or if you would like to discuss coverage options. Our Insurance Consultants can assist you over the phone at 1.800.564.6222, via email



CAA Insurance Company will apply the rate reduction automatically on new home, condo and tenant insurance policies and on property renewal policies after June 15, 2020. The rate reduction will be applied for your full policy term. For existing policies not up for renewal in the coming months, please complete this form and we will apply the 10% for the remainder of your policy term.

*10% rate reduction is only applicable to CAA Insurance Company and will not be applied other insurance company rates. Contact your Insurance Consultant for complete details and advice.
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