Trip Interruption

Trip Interruption

Your CAA membership protects you even when you are exploring new road trip destinations. For Premier and Premier RV members, Trip Interruption and the Vehicle Return benefit is added protection that can help save you money when you run into trouble travelling with your vehicle.

Premier members may be eligible for Trip Interruption in the event of a mechanical breakdown. If Premier members encounter an unexpected illness or injury that prevents them from completing their trip, they may also be eligible for the Vehicle Return benefit.


Eligible Expenses Include:

-  Accommodations (hotel/motel/Airbnb): $150/day.
-  Restaurant meals: $50/day per primary/associate member.
-  Car rental/taxi fare/private transportation: $75/day.
-  Commercial Transportation (bus/train/flights/ferry/air fare): $600.

Who’s Eligible for Trip Interruption?

-  Premier and Premier RV members.
-  Your membership must be in good standing.
-  You must have an active membership for at least one year.

*Itemized receipts must be in the member’s name and are required for all expenses being claimed. Maximum amount allowable is $600 CAD.

Reimbursement Consideration

For reimbursement consideration, the following conditions must be met:

-  The vehicle must be disabled for 24 hours or more.
-  You must be more than 160 km from home.
-  Costs incurred within 72 hours of the incident may be eligible.
-  Claims must be submitted within 60 days of the incident with all applicable itemized receipts.

Make a Trip Interruption Claim

If you are a Premier member and you meet the criteria above, you can log into your online account and complete the Trip Interruption and Vehicle Return Claim Form.

Complete Trip Interruption Claim Form


As of February 1, 2024, Trip Interruption coverage is no longer available for accidents.
Full terms and conditions are available on the Trip Interruption and Vehicle Return Claim Form within My Account.