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Here when you need us

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Whether you rent or own, our CAA Home Insurance is designed for you.

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Extend the coverage for your vehicle with CAA Auto Extension Insurance

Don't let the unexpected ruin your vacation. Protect yourself and your loved ones with CAA Travel Insurance.

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Make sure you are covered against out-of-pocket health and dental expenses.

Get the protection your loved ones deserve, by focusing on the coverage that best suits your stage of live and priorities.

Protection worldwide against most forms of travel and pedestrian accidents.

Protect your toys and enjoy the outdoors. Be sure you have the proper insurance coverage for your boat, RV or classic car.

we will work with your company to create a custom business insurance solution for you, designed to provide value by meeting your unique needs.

Pets are more than just animals. They’re part of your family. And just like your family is protected against unforeseen medical expenses by having health insurance, pets too deserve the same.


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Trust CAA to give you security and peace-of-mind on the road and off. 

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Ready for some peace of mind?

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