Electric Vehicles (EVs)

Electric Vehicles (EVs)

CAA supports efforts to improve vehicle fuel efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Electric vehicles (EVs) do both.

Recent Survey Results from Canadian EV Drivers

In March 2023, CAA released a historic study, the largest-ever survey analyzing the overall experience of the current Canadian EV owners. The study surveyed more than 16,000 drivers in Canada and looked at all aspects of ownership – from driving experience to charging woes and more. Learn more

EV Buyer's Guide

CAA's new interactive EV Buyer’s Guide that allows users to look up which EVs might be best for them, along with information on the other critical elements of owning an electric vehicle. The guide is a user-friendly online tool aimed at the EV-curious, with information on all the 90-plus electric vehicles on the market today, as well as facts and advice on price, savings, charging, and owning an EV in Canada. Take a tour of CAA’s EV Buyer’s Guide and #FindYourEV. 

CAA's online portal

CAA’s online portal contains information on what is costs to own an EV, engine options, and what EVs are on the market here in Canada. Here are some frequently asked questions:

  • What are the differences between the four types of EVs? Learn more
  • What are my driving costs for a gas, hybrid, or electric vehicle? Learn more  
  • What are some of the available incentives to own an EV? Learn more
  • How far can I drive before having to recharge my electric vehicle? How long do EV batteries last? How well do electric vehicles perform in winter? Does the environmental impact of producing electricity outweigh the benefits of using an EV? Learn more
  • What EVs are available in Canada? Learn more
  • Where are the charging stations in Canada? Learn more
  • Where are the charging stations in Saskatchewan? Learn more

Additional resources/articles in the CAA Saskatchewan Magazine

Electric vehicle fee in effect 

SGI is collecting a $150 electric vehicle road-use fee on behalf of the Government of Saskatchewan for any registrations effective Oct. 1, 2021, or later. This annual fee is due at the time of registration/renewal. Learn more