School Safety Patrol

Patrollers help keep Saskatchewan school zones safe by helping their peers’ cross streets safely on their way to and from school. Patrollers gain confidence, learn responsibility, and leadership through the program and these traits are modeled to other students in their communities. The program is successful thanks to the combined support of CAA Saskatchewan, municipal police, RCMP, school safety patrol coordinators, school divisions, teachers, parents, and the student volunteer patrollers.

While our patrollers aren’t currently at school helping their classmates safely cross the street, we’d like to help them by continuing to advocate for pedestrian safety in Saskatchewan communities. Please download and print our safety colouring page for your child to colour and display in your window. 

Stay Safe Window Colouring Sheet


If you have questions about the CAA School Safety Patrol program or would like to start one in your school community, please contact us at or call 306.310.6222 ext. 0983. 

1958 School Safety Patroller - Assinaboia


Our History

CAA Saskatchewan has coordinated and managed the CAA School Safety Patrol program since 1951. For over 60 years CAA School Safety Patrollers have helped keep Saskatchewan school zones safe. There are approximately 4,600 patrollers, from 162 schools representing 70 communities in our province.

Are you an alumnus CAA School Safety Patroller? We’d love to hear your stories and see photos! Contact us at, call 306.310.6222 ext. 0983 or share your stores with us on our Facebook page.

Want to start a CAA School Safety Patrol program? 

We offer the CAA School Safety Patrol program including equipment, training materials, recognition awards and events at no cost to the schools. It’s important for all CAA School Safety Patrol Coordinators to register their schools annually with CAA Saskatchewan. This helps to ensure coordinators receive updates and new information about the CAA School Safety Patrol program. 

To start a CAA School Safety Patrol® in your school, please use the printable CAA School Safety Patrol Registration Form.

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2019 CAA School Safety Patrol JamboreeFor 30 years we’ve hosted an annual CAA School Safety Patrol Jamboree to recognize, celebrate, thank and honour our student volunteer patrollers for their hard work and dedication in promoting school zone safety in school zones.

Due to Saskatchewan school closures and in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have cancelled the 2020 CAA School Safety Patrol Jamboree events.

We look forward to helping Saskatchewan school zones remain safe by working with our valued patrollers, coordinators, and local law enforcement in the near future.

Any questions can be directed to or call 306.310.6222 ext. 0983. 



Reporting of incidents involving patrollers on duty is required. Please contact your local law enforcement, or School Resource Officer to report this incident, as well as complete our CAA SK School Safety Patrol Incident Report.

Visit our School Zone Safety page for safety tips and more information.

CAA Saskatchewan would like to thank and recognize Pizza Hut along with our local sponsors
as valued supporters of the CAA School Safety Patrol Program.