CAA Launches New Distracted Driving Campaign, #Unpluganddrive

CAA Launches New Distracted Driving Campaign, #Unpluganddrive

It only takes a second to be distracted. Even just scrolling through your playlist, taking a quick peek at your phone, or adjusting your GPS can put you and others at risk. CAA’s new youth-based distracted driving video campaign, #UNPLUGANDDRIVE, has one clear, simple message: if you are driving, put your phone away. Gen Z is a socially conscious generation and almost all of them know that distracted driving is wrong, yet 1 in 6 young Canadians still have admitted to driving distracted.

People often don’t think they are driving distracted because they aren’t “texting.” But today, distracted driving is so much more than sending a text. Music apps, maps, messaging apps, and social media are all frequently used while driving and pose the same threat as calling or texting.

Distracted driving, according to CAA, is defined as anything that takes the driver’s eyes and mind away from the road. Here are a few surprising distracted driving statistics:

  • Over a quarter of young Canadians aged 18-24 years old said they saw an increase in people using their phone while driving in 2020. (CAA polling, 2020).
  • 47% of Canadians admitted that they have typed out or used the voice-memo feature to send a message while driving. (CAA, 2020)
  • If a driver texts, they’re 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash or near collision. (Traffic Injury Research Foundation, 2019)
  • Canadians say that texting while driving is one of the biggest threats to their personal safety on the road. (CAA, 2018)

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