CAA Rewards Terms and Conditions


CAA Rewards®, and the CAA Dollars® accumulated under the program, are operated by the individually owned and operated Canadian Automobile Association Clubs (CAA). The terms and conditions outlined below apply to the CAA Rewards Program and the CAA Dollars Program in Saskatchewan.

Participation in the Program

As a valid CAA Saskatchewan Member in good standing, you’re automatically eligible to earn CAA Dollars at participating program partners, and to redeem the CAA Dollars accumulated in your membership account.

CAA Members visiting Saskatchewan are able to present their membership cards to accumulate CAA Dollars at eligible program partners in Saskatchewan. The CAA Dollars accumulated at eligible partners will then be transferred to the appropriate CAA club for the region of Canada where the CAA card was issued and where redemption will occur. Likewise, CAA Saskatchewan Members can present their membership card at eligible program partners in other provinces of Canada to accumulate CAA Dollars.


CAA Dollars are accumulated each time you present your valid CAA membership card at any of the advertised eligible program participants. It is the responsibility of the CAA Member to identify themselves to the companies that participate in the program by presenting your valid CAA membership card to obtain the Member exclusive benefit. Current program participants that enable you to accumulate CAA Dollars include the companies listed in this directory who have the CAA Dollar Partner icon. Please note that participating companies and offers may change without notice. The CAA Dollars accumulated at participating companies will be stored in the CAA Member’s account. GST on your purchases is included in the total CAA Dollars stored in your membership account. For each 1 CAA Dollar accumulated in the membership account, the value at time of redemption will equal 1 Canadian Dollar ($1.00).

CAA Saskatchewan may cancel recorded CAA Dollars if the issuing participating company advises us to cancel the CAA Dollars (example: because you returned products for which the CAA Dollars were issued).

CAA Saskatchewan may refuse to record or honour CAA Dollars in your account, or if already recorded, we may cancel them if we cannot confirm that they were properly issued or obtained. Neither CAA Saskatchewan nor any participating partner is responsible for any offer of CAA Dollars that is no longer in effect.


By the act of accumulating CAA Dollars at companies deemed as participating by CAA Saskatchewan, you agree that you have read and understand these Terms and Conditions and are bound by all of them as changed from time to time.


You consent to CAA Saskatchewan’s collection and use of your membership information in accordance with our privacy commitment. CAA Saskatchewan’s Privacy Policy outlines CAA Saskatchewan’s ongoing commitment to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. Our policy complies with the requirements of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Acts of Canada.

Full details regarding CAA Saskatchewan’s Privacy Commitment are outlined in our Privacy & Trademark Policy.

Limitation of Liability

Neither CAA Saskatchewan, our affiliates nor any of our or their respective officers or directors have any responsibility or liability to any expense, loss, cost, injury, damage, delay, travel cancellation, accident or any other matter or thing whatsoever, however suffered or caused (including compensatory, incidental, indirect, special, punitive, consequential or exemplary damages or damages for loss of income or profits), directly or indirectly arising out of or related to (i) the Program or your participation in the Program; (ii) any failure, delay or decision by use in administering the Program or amending these Terms and Conditions or the basis which you can redeem CAA Dollars; (iii) any offer, representation, statement or claim about the Program, any participating merchant or their products or services.

Termination, Changes and Breach

CAA Saskatchewan may change these Terms and Conditions and/or any aspect of the CAA Rewards program and CAA Dollar program without notice. For example, but without limitation, we may add, delete or change participating companies’ accumulations or redemption details regarding your CAA Dollars. If you default on your CAA Saskatchewan membership, become bankrupt, commit fraud, misrepresent any information, violate any Terms and Conditions, abuse the program privileges or act in any other way to the detriment of CAA Saskatchewan or our program participants, we may, without affecting our other rights, disclose such information requested by proper authorities, terminate your membership and/or cancel your CAA Dollars. In the event that you default on payments for your CAA MasterCard, CAA Dollars accumulated on those purchases may be revoked. If a CAA Dollar expires or is cancelled for any reason, it becomes void without compensation.


These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between you and CAA Saskatchewan regarding your participation in accumulating and redeeming CAA Dollars. Except as expressly contained in these Terms and Conditions, there are no conditions, representations, warranties express or implied, statutory or otherwise. CAA Saskatchewan is the final authority as to the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions and as to any other questions or disputes regarding the program. CAA Dollars have no cash, monetary or other value and cannot be converted into any currency. All materials and any notices from us will be sent to your address as recorded in our membership account system; please notify CAA Saskatchewan if your address changes. The program, all rules and Terms and Conditions, is governed by the laws of Saskatchewan, Canada. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions. Is invalid or unenforceable, such provision shall not affect the validity and enforceability of the remaining Terms and Conditions.

Additional Details

If CAA Dollars are applied to the purchase of airline tickets, you are responsible for and must pay all excess baggage charges, customs charges, health or other inspection fees, and other non-ticket costs or charges which may be imposed. All tickets issued are subject to the terms and conditions applicable to the fare basis.


CAA Dollars can be redeemed at any CAA Store for most CAA products and services available through travel, Member services, insurance, WestWorld Tours and Car Care Centre, excluding CAA Travel Money products; SGI transactions; hotel, motel and campground reservations that cannot be pre-paid; and some insurance products. A minimum amount of CAA Dollars is not required for redemption. The value of redemption of each CAA Dollar is equal to one Canadian Dollar; however, CAA Dollars must be redeemed for products and services available through CAA Saskatchewan - no cash given.

CAA Dollars redeemed for the annual membership renewal fee and CAA Dollars remaining in your account will be represented on the annual renewal statement that you receive from CAA. If you believe that the balance showing as “CAA Dollar Balance” on your annual CAA membership renewal statement is incorrect, you must notify CAA Saskatchewan within 60 days of the renewal date or the amount shown will be deemed correct, except for any CAA Dollars that may have been applied to your account in error. Your CAA Dollars can be accumulated and carried over from one renewal year into the next.

To inquire about the balance of CAA Dollars in your membership account, check your CAA Dollar balance online, visit a CAA Store, or call 1-800-564-6222. CAA Dollars can be redeemed electronically at point of purchase at CAA Stores for membership renewal fees, the purchase of new membership or for products available through CAA Saskatchewan, which include but are not limited to items such as atlases, luggage, movie tickets and miscellaneous travel supplies.

CAA Saskatchewan assumes no responsibility for any loss, damage, injuries or personal harm or expense relating to any CAA Saskatchewan product or service for which you choose to redeem your CAA Dollars.

As a Primary CAA Saskatchewan Member, you may purchase CAA Saskatchewan associate membership cards for other family members in your household. The Associate Member will then be eligible to receive all CAA Saskatchewan products and services, including the accumulation of CAA Dollars, which will be stored in the CAA Saskatchewan membership account. For security reasons, only you as the CAA Saskatchewan Primary Member or your CAA Saskatchewan Associate Member(s) may redeem the CAA Dollars recorded in the primary CAA Saskatchewan membership account.

In the event you, as a primary Member, do not renew your CAA Saskatchewan membership by the yearly renewal date, you will only be entitled to redeem CAA Dollars accumulated on your membership account up to the date of your renewal and redemption or transfer of such must occur within six months of your renewal date or accumulated CAA Dollars are forfeited. If your lapsed CAA Saskatchewan membership account is reinstated within six months, you will be entitled to redeem CAA Dollars accumulated in your membership account. If you choose to purchase a new membership instead of reinstating your original membership, you will only be able to redeem the CAA Dollars accumulated on your membership account up to your renewal date.

The transfer of CAA Dollars to another CAA club will occur following three months of notification of becoming another club Member, unless redeemed for CAA Saskatchewan products and services. In case of divorce or relationship breakdown, and with CAA Saskatchewan’s authorization, a CAA Saskatchewan Member may release the accumulated CAA Dollars he/she has earned in their CAA Saskatchewan membership account to an associate cardholder on their account or to another primary cardholder. The primary CAA Saskatchewan Member in whose membership account the CAA Dollars reside, will bear ownership of the CAA Dollars even if the CAA Dollars were accumulated on the associate card(s)*. In the case of death, the CAA Dollars accumulated under a CAA Saskatchewan membership can be transferred to a CAA Saskatchewan membership belonging to a family member of the deceased. In the event that a family member of the deceased does not have a primary CAA Saskatchewan membership, a portion of the CAA Dollars in the deceased CAA Saskatchewan Member’s account can be used to set up a primary membership for a person named by the executor of the estate and any remaining CAA Dollars in the deceased CAA Saskatchewan Member’s account would be deposited into this new membership account.

*Where the full 16-digit CAA Saskatchewan membership number is captured at the transaction level, the CAA Dollars earned will be credited to the appropriate primary or associate membership. If the full 16-digit CAA Saskatchewan membership number is not captured at the transaction level, then the CAA Dollars earned will be credited to the primary membership account.