CAA Says Let's Plan To Stay Safe This Summer

CAA Says Let's Plan To Stay Safe This Summer

CAA Saskatchewan has valuable tips to help keep you and your loved ones safe this summer. There’s so much to see and do, no matter if you’re planning a family road trip, camping, cycling in your neighbourhood, or enjoying summer activities in your backyard, local park, or school grounds.

Before you drive safety tips

  • Have your vehicle inspected to make sure it is road ready. If unexpected breakdowns happen, it’s a safe idea to have access to a roadside assistance provider like CAA. The CAA Mobile App is available to access roadside service plus other CAA Member benefits.
  • Check your vehicle’s tires, brake fluid, coolant and oil plus window washer wipers and washer fluid. Examine belts for proper belt tension.
  • Vehicle batteries should also be checked and this can be completed at the CAA Car Care Centre at Regina Battery Depot, or at any CAA Approved Auto Repair Service.
  • RV’ing? Check the wheels, and the same goes for boat trailers and camper trailers. Set the wheel lug nuts to the proper torque to make sure they do not come loose or come off the trailer. Wheel bearings should be greased and adjusted annually. Trailer suspension springs also need to be inspected for wear. It’s a good idea to read the vehicle or RV owner’s manual.
  • Are you the designated driver? Allow plenty of travel time to reach your destination. Set the GPS or review all maps and directions before getting behind the wheel. Prepare children with everything they need before heading out. Plan your route in advance and share details with friends or family. Children’s car and booster seats should be correctly installed and all passengers including the driver must wear seatbelts.
  • Eliminate distractions while driving, such as the use of mobile phones, eating, drinking, adjusting entertainment or navigation systems, grooming, long conversations, and smoking. Keep your eyes and mind focused on the task of safe driving.
  • Drive according to the current weather and road conditions.
  • Remember, slow down move over for first responders such as tow truck operators and also construction crews working on Saskatchewan highways. Not obeying the Slow to 60 km/h law on Saskatchewan highways when passing first responders is not safe, and you can be fined. Know the risks.
  • Pack a roadside assistance kit. Include a flashlight with extra batteries, a first-aid kit, tire pressure gauge, pliers, adjustable wrench, blanket, or purchase a roadside assistance kit at your local CAA Store. Add non-perishable food and water, windshield washer fluid, jumper cables, and emergency flares or reflector.
  • Take along a mobile phone with charger, for emergency use only. Ensure that your driver’s licence, vehicle insurance, travel insurance, and CAA membership are up to date.
  • Let’s share the road safely and responsibly. Highways will be busy with increased traffic of cars, trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, recreation vehicles, and farm machinery.

Before you bike safety tipsfamily biking

  • Cyclists - yield to pedestrians, and obey traffic signs and traffic lights. Wear appropriate footwear such as runners, cycle in single file, and keep both hands on the handlebars except when using hand signals.
  • Always obey the traffic laws when riding on city streets and rural roads. Plan your ride and avoid dangerous routes and learn to share the road safely with pedestrians, motorists, and other cyclists. To choose the best bicycle for you, consider size, frame, and seat height, as well as the type of roads or trails you ride on.
  • Always wear a properly fitted bike helmet that does not obstruct your vision or hearing. It’s important to be seen, be heard, and be ready. Learn more at

General safety tips for families

  • Parent and guardians, be attentive around outdoor swimming pools, BBQs, and fire pits. Never, leave children unattended.
  • Schoolyards, playgrounds, and parks are still busy places for children of all ages. Children should learn about pedestrian safety. Remind them to never run out in traffic or between parked cars, buses, or buildings.
  • Look both ways before crossing the street, and cross at marked intersections when it’s safe.
  • Don’t play distracted; avoid using cell phones for texting or gaming. Be alert, keep your head up, look around and always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Motorists, please watch for children, drive with caution, and reduce your speed. Observe and obey the posted speed limit and regulated days and hours of operation.
  • Check out for some informative camping articles: 12 Fun Camping Activities to Do with Your Family, 6 Tips to Keep in Mind when Camping with Dogs, and Camping Hacks: 8 Tips to Set Up and Camp Like a Pro.
  • Read The Road-Tripping Handbook in the summer issue of the CAA Saskatchewan Magazine for help with planning, prepping, and packing for your next adventure.
  • The CAA Family Safety Booklet contains fun activities and information about pedestrian, bike, and school zone safety, as well as the CAA School Safety Patrol® Program. Complimentary copies of the booklet are available at all CAA Stores and the CAA Car Care Centre at Regina Battery Depot.


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