CAA’s Safety Reminders for Family Day and the February School Break

CAA’s Safety Reminders for Family Day and the February School Break

walking in the snowThe Family Day holiday on Monday, February 15th leads into a week-long school break that offers time for family fun and activities. Some families may be planning short road trips and others may stay close to home to enjoy some indoor and outdoor adventures. Hopefully, the weather will warm up to allow for some outdoor playtime, such as skiing, sledding, hiking, walking, and skating. Whatever your Family Day and school break plans are, please keep safety top of mind. The CAA Family Safety Booklet has more ideas on indoor and outdoor fun, plus some great safety tips. It’s available at all CAA Stores, the CAA Car Care Centre at Regina Battery Depot, or online.


To help plan your Family Day adventures, here are a few safety reminders:

  • Children may not be in school during the February break, but they may be playing in the school grounds, parks, and playgrounds. Please obey the posted speed limit and drive with caution in school zones, parks and playgrounds.
  • Toques, parkas, mittens, and boots are all important outdoor gear to help keep warm. Children lose body heat faster than adults, so dress them in warm layers. Mittens insulate heat better than gloves. Consider insulated, waterproof mittens and boots too. Thick warm, high socks will help keep the snow out. Jackets or parkas should be waterproof and windproof.
  • Talk with your kids about pedestrian and traffic safety rules. Always stop, look both ways, listen and think before safely crossing the street. Children should never run out in traffic or between parked cars, buses, or buildings. Don’t walk distracted. Be alert and aware of your surroundings when outdoors and put your mobile phones away. Make eye contact with the drivers before proceeding into the intersection. Walk on the sidewalk and cross at street corners with traffic lights or at a crosswalk.

Travelling by car? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Check weather and road conditions before travelling. Be prepared to delay plans if conditions aren’t optimum.
  • Check your vehicle’s battery, brakes, and fluids. Colder temperatures can weaken the battery and cause it to fail.
  • Defrost windows before you drive. Remove ice and snow from your vehicle including headlights, taillights, windows, and side mirrors.
  • Plug in your vehicle when the temperature falls below -15 degrees C. The cord should not be frayed and be sure to check the electrical power source.
  • Pack a roadside vehicle kit that contains non-perishable food, water, blankets, extra outdoor gear and footwear, flashlight, first aid supplies, booster cables, and a shovel. CAA Roadside Assistance Kits are available at your local CAA Saskatchewan Store.
  • Eliminate distracted driving. Do not use mobile phones for calls, texting, or using social media while driving.
  • Avoid driving a phantom vehicle: See and Be Seen. For added visibility, ensure the vehicle headlights and taillights are turned on before dawn and at dusk, and during harsh weather conditions, i.e., snowstorms.
  • Carry a fully charged mobile phone and a phone car charger should you need to call for help. CAA Roadside Assistance is available 24/7 for Members by calling 1-800- 222-4357, request online, or download the CAA Mobile App.
  • Slow to 60 km/h on Saskatchewan highways for working tow truck operators assisting motorists in need. It’s the law and the safety of our tow truck operators and first responders is everyone’s responsibility.
  • Allow extra time for pedestrians, especially children and seniors, to cross streets safely. The roads may be slick with ice and snow.
  • More safety tips can be found in the CAA Smart Driver’s Winter Survival Guide.

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