First wave of new air passenger rights implemented today

First wave of new air passenger rights implemented today

Ottawa – Canadian air passengers become eligible for up to $2,400 if they are bumped from a flight, but for access to the full suite of passenger rights, air travellers will have to wait until December. The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), advocates of the Canadian traveller, encourages passengers to get familiar with the new rules to ensure they are treated fairly.

As of today, Canadians are eligible for compensation as high as $2,400 if they are bumped and if their baggage is lost or damaged. In addition, starting today all communications, including tickets, from an airline will have to contain clear information on passenger rights and how to claim them. The remainder of the rights package, including cash compensation for long delays and cancellations, will only come into force
on December 15, 2019. 

“The proposed regulations will in most cases require travellers to file a claim with an airline to receive compensation,” said Jeff Walker, chief strategy officer at CAA National, “We encourage passengers to file a claim to ensure they receive what the new regime says they are owed.”

If the airline does not respond to a passenger’s claim accordingly, travellers are encouraged to visit the Canadian Transportation Agency at for more information or to file a complaint.

CAA continues to advocate on behalf of travellers for better and more clear rights. CAA will keep an eye on how well the government enforces the new package in order to allow us to judge how effective the regime is in the coming months.

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