Home for the Holidays Safety Messages From CAA Saskatchewan

Home for the Holidays Safety Messages From CAA Saskatchewan

This past year, work and school schedules have been interrupted, and many of us are staying at home more. With the approaching holiday season, ideas are circulating about how to deck the halls while keeping safe and having peace of mind. By focusing on family safety, holiday memories can still be enjoyable and festive. CAA has some safety messages for those celebrating the holidays at home.


  • Artificial Christmas trees are lovely, and so are live trees which many prefer for their fresh fragrance, but remember, they must be kept fresh and moist. Which ever one you choose to decorate in your home, please make sure the trees are “fire resistant.” Always position them away from fireplaces, heaters, and other heat sources.
  • Outdoor and indoor lights help to set the holiday mood and keep things merry, and bright. Before using your holiday lights, look them over to check for broken, frayed or loose connections. Best not to use damaged sets. Before going to bed, or leaving home, turn off all holiday lights. Consider using electric timers. Plug outdoor electric lights and decorations into ground fault circuit interrupters.
  • The holiday season certainly lights up with festive, fragrant candles. But please make sure they are placed in non-combustible containers and never leave burning candles unattended. Keep matches and lighters out of sight and reach of children.
  • ‘Tis the season for holiday baking and cooking which certainly stir up family memories and traditions. Please remember, never leave cooking or baking unattended. It’s important to have properly installed smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in working condition in our homes. Perhaps have the chimney and furnace professionally cleaned and inspected too.
  • It’s a safe idea to make sure your home insurance is up to date and that it will provide coverage for your belongings. If you’re not sure, contact your insurance consultant and provide updates on any changes required for major purchases or renovations.

We may be driving in our home communities, so please be prepared to reduce your speed and drive according to the weather and road conditions. Make sure your CAA membership is up to date in case you need to call for roadside assistance. Check your car’s battery and consider installing winter tires. Pack a roadside assistance kit available at all CAA Stores. Add extra outdoor clothing and boots, a mobile phone with charger for emergency use, and non-perishable food. If you become stranded, stay inside your vehicle as it provides a temporary shelter until help arrives. Learn more at caask.ca.

For further information,  contact:

Christine Niemczyk | Director, Corporate Communications | CAA SK 306.791.4327 christine.niemczyk@caask.ca