May 2021 is Proclaimed as CAA School Safety Patrol Month

May 2021 is Proclaimed as CAA School Safety Patrol Month

The month of May has been proclaimed by the Honourable Dustin Duncan, Minister of Education, as CAA School Safety Patrol Month in Saskatchewan. The entire month will be devoted to recognizing and thanking the thousands of patrollers for their valuable volunteer work and dedication in promoting school zone safety in Saskatchewan school zones. 

“We like to commend you for your ongoing commitment to safety and for providing an environment which allows students to contribute to a secure community,” Education Minister Dustin Duncan said. “CAA School Safety Patrol Month is a fitting way to recognize and pay tribute to the province’s many safety patrols, while developing its student volunteers into responsible young leaders.”

During CAA School Safety Patrol Month, CAA School Safety Patrollers will be presented with a CAA School Safety Patrol Pride and Honour medal as a token of appreciation for the volunteer work in helping to keep students and school zones safe. According to Vanora Gagnier, CAA School Safety Patrol Coordinator, “we wanted to thank our patrollers for the valuable volunteer safety service they provide each and every school day.” 

To celebrate the accomplishments of the many volunteers of the CAA School Safety Patrol program, patrollers, coordinators, law enforcement, and valued partners will participate in the first-ever, virtual cross-Canada Patroller meet-up on May 19, 2021. The CAA Patroller Festival Brigadier will include Patrollers from Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia from the comforts of home. The CAA Patroller Festival is a FREE after school virtual event designed exclusively to thank Patrollers for their valued volunteer work in helping to keep school zones safe. Patrollers will be inspired by special guests and artists, view celebrity messages, snap photos in the digital photo booth, and explore the fun zones. CAA Saskatchewan patrollers will be joining patrollers from Alberta in this amazing event.

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CAA Saskatchewan has owned and managed the CAA School Safety Patrol program since 1951, providing training materials, patroller handbooks, stop paddles, and reflective vests free of charge. There are approximately 4,600 patrollers in 160 schools from 70 Saskatchewan communities. 

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Vanora Gagnier
Senior Communications Specialist
(306) 216-7362