Planning a Road Trip for the Thanksgiving Long Weekend? Here Are a Few Safety Reminders From CAA

Planning a Road Trip for the Thanksgiving Long Weekend? Here Are a Few Safety Reminders From CAA

Travelling by car has certainly become more popular. Keeping that in mind, we know our roads and highways will be congested due to increase of traffic for the upcoming Thanksgiving long weekend. it’s important to consider some safe driving practices before the family road trip.


  • Examine your vehicle to make sure it’s road ready. Check the mechanical features and tires. Seat belts must be in working condition and worn by all passengers, including the driver. Children’s car seats and booster seats should be correctly installed. Allow plenty of time to reach your destination and return home safely.
  • Take along a roadside assistance kit, available at CAA Stores. Pack a flashlight, booster cables, tire puncture sealant, first-aid kit, flares, drinking water, non-perishable food, extra outdoor apparel, and footwear, plus a mobile phone with batteries and charger for emergency calls or for CAA Roadside Assistance. Download the CAA App for easy access. Share your driving route with friends and family and travel on primary roads.
  • Once you’re behind the wheel, eliminate all distractions, including use of a mobile phone. Do all your navigation system planning or mobile phone use prior to driving. Did you know that distracted driving is defined as any distraction that takes the driver’s eyes and mind away from the road, such as use of mobile phones, eating and drinking, smoking, or grooming? If you need to check your phone or assist passengers in the vehicle, pull over or park when safe to do so and put your vehicle’s hazard lights on.
  • Please slow to 60 km/h when passing tow truck operators and emergency personnel assisting motorists on Saskatchewan highways. When you see flashing lights, slow down. It really is a matter of life and death.
  • Please remember, don’t drive impaired. Arrange for a second driver to accompany you on your road trip.

For automotive help, visit the CAA Car Care Centre at Regina Battery Depot or an Approved Auto Repair Service facility. CAA Roadside Assistance is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Learn more at

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