With Some Students Returning to School This Week, CAA Has Safety Reminders for Motorists, Pedestrians, and Parents.

With Some Students Returning to School This Week, CAA Has Safety Reminders for Motorists, Pedestrians, and Parents.

A recent poll by CAA revealed that speeding, aggressive behaviour, and using a phone topped the list of reported problems. Since September, when compared to the early days of the pandemic, there has been an increase in one or more unsafe driving behaviours. It is important for all road users to keep safety top of mind.

CAA Safety Tips for Motorists: There may be fewer vehicles on the roads, but the same safety rules still apply, and they are in place to help keep everyone safe.

  • Observe and obey the posted speed limits and hours that the speed limits are enforced in school zones, parks, and playgrounds.
  •  Watch for CAA School Safety Patrollers on duty during school days and follow their instructions.
  • Eliminate distracted driving because it takes your eyes, and mind, off the road. Remember, it only takes a second to be distracted so please focus on the task of driving safely.
  • Allow children and families enough time to cross streets safely as intersections can be covered in ice and snow.
  • As rows of vehicles wait in school pick-up zones, keep in mind that children may dart out between cars.
  • Students may also be obscured by tall snowbanks and exhaust from idling cars.
  • Drive according to the weather and road conditions.

CAA Safety Tips for Pedestrians: School aged or older? Practice the following pedestrian safety tips for your personal safety.

  • Stop, look both ways, listen and think. Ensure any oncoming vehicles have come to a complete stop before walking across the street.
  • Don’t use your cell phone for messaging, phoning, music apps, maps, or social media while walking. Be alert and aware of your surroundings.
  • Cross at intersections or at corners. Jaywalking is not a safe idea.
  • Never run out in traffic or between parked cars, buses, or buildings.
  • Wait for the signal of the on-duty CAA School Safety Patrollers when crossing the street.

CAA Safety Tips for Parents: Teach children about the rules of the road.

walking in the snow

  • Obey the ‘no stopping’ and ‘no parking’ zones in front of or near schools.
  • Ensure winter apparel such as toques and scarves do not obstruct children’s vision or hearing.
  • Always have an adult, older student, or sibling, walk with younger children.
  • Plan your child’s walking route to and from school and walk with them to better familiarize themselves with the school and surrounding area.
  • Share the CAA Family Safety Booklet with your loved ones for winter safety tips.

Many schools in Saskatchewan have volunteer CAA School Safety Patrollers on duty. CAA Saskatchewan has owned and managed the CAA School Safety Patrol program since 1951 and approximately 4,600 patrollers from 162 schools representing 70 communities in our province are enrolled in the program. CAA Saskatchewan provides training manuals with patroller exams, patroller handbooks, reflective stop paddles and vests, all at no cost.

For further information, contact:

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