PlatesPLUS Auto Insurance

PlatesPLUS Auto Insurance

CAA PlatesPLUS is an auto insurance package policy that provides Members and Customers with additional coverage for vehicles, which extends the minimum coverage provided by SGI under the Auto Fund Program.

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PlatesPLUS Coverage Options:

5 Year Replacement Cost Coverage
CAA PlatesPLUS Auto Insurance customers can enjoy price protection against depreciation with our 5-year replacement cost coverage. Don’t let depreciation happen!

  • Liability coverage up to $2,000,000, 10 times SGI’s plate coverage
  • Lower deductibles for collision and other damage
  • No deductibles for collision with wildlife, fire, or theft of the vehicle
  • Accident benefits for income replacement, education, and funeral benefits
  • Replacement cost coverage is available on new vehicles for the first 5 years!  This removes depreciation that will be applied at the time a claim is assessed.
  • Limited waiver of depreciation on new vehicles for the first 5 years! This feature removes any depreciation that will be applied at the time a claim is assessed when the vehicle is a total loss.
  • Loss of use transportation allowance
  • Multi-vehicle discounts
  • Multi-policy discounts, you may receive a discount on your home insurance
  • Downtime coverage for rentals
  • Windshield protection for cracks and chips
  • Low interest monthly finance plans

For more information, see coverage details.

Exclusive to CAA Members

  • FREE downtime coverage for rental vehicles (only available when physical damage coverage is purchased)
  • Earn CAA Dollars®.
  • First-Claim Forgiveness™ for qualifying CAA Members
  • For more information, see coverage details.

Why do I need more coverage for my vehicle?

All licensed vehicles in Saskatchewan are insured by the SGI Auto Fund, which provides the minimum coverage limits required by law in Saskatchewan including:

  • Liability coverage = $200,000
  • Vehicle damage deductible = $700
  • Personal injury protection = included

CAA's PlatesPLUS package policy is designed to provide Members with increased liability and decreased damage deductibles. It also provides options such as replacement cost coverage on new vehicles, loss of use, and stone chip damage, and it includes added liability features to provide members and their families with extra protection against uninsured motorists.

Product Types

  • Personal autos
  • Business use
  • Unlicensed auto in storage
  • Antiques and classic auto


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*PlatesPLUS Auto Insurance is underwritten by CAA Insurance Company.